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"When our oldest daughter was a toddler we discovered she had spinal scoliosis. I have chronic back pain and had been treated successfully by Dr. Harris for a few years. His adjustments relieved my neck and back pain and seems to have improved my overall health. Having an adjustment is like having your body feel 'unlocked'.

Our daughter began having regular adjustments by Dr. Harris. She has a significant curve and I was told by her orthopedist that she would need a back brace eventually. We continued with her regular adjustments about once a month.

We returned to our daughter's orthopedist for a follow up and were so excited to receive the happy news that she did not need a brace! Her neck, back and pelvic curve had improved.

Thanks to Dr. Harris's expert adjustments her scoliosis has been arrested.

Many thanks, Dr. Harris, for your excellent chiropractic care."

- Sincerely,
Heather E. Hart